Oh, Queen JoJo.

The soulful songstress might be putting up the fight of her life to escape the contractual clutches of her shady label Blackground Records behind-the-scenes, but in the spotlight, she’s still soaring as high as ever — even under the circumstances.

After her performance for Fader‘s #uncapped series in NYC, the Agape talent just unleashed a brand new remix of “Anything,” the final single from her last studio album, 2006’s The High Road.

Grooving along a sample of Toto‘s “Africa,” the singer’s slick R&B-pop cut gets an upgrade in the form of brand new, more mature vocals from Jo (those gorgeous new runs!), as well as a verse from rapper Casey Veggies. It’s less of a complete reinvention, and more a reminder of why Jo deserves to be on top.

That’s right: A song from 2006, given a quick spit-shine and sent right back out into the universe in 2013, that still sounds fresher than most everything else in pop music this year. Then again, who’s surprised? JoJo is the truth.

Listen to the track below — and download it for free.

The High Road was released in 2006. (iTunes)