Legendtina Performs “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” On ‘The Voice’, Singlehandedly Revives Rock Genre


LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (LOS ANGELES, CA) — Legendtina Christina María Mi Reflejo Nina Pinta Santamaria Desnudate Aguilera, Supreme #Blessed Ruler of Pop of Empress of Lotuses, has graced the stage of The Voice once again.

Just ahead of her feverishly anticipated return to The Voice for the Season 5 premiere on September 23, Sugar Magazine‘s 2003 Most Inspirational Girl-award winning “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti” vocalist took her iconic Bionic promotional microphone stand to the stage once again for a stunning rendition of the rock classic “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Legendtina explained further during an exclusive 30-second phone interview granted to the LNN: “As many fans already know, I am a true lover of music — including rock ‘n’ roll. Of course, you’ll have known that already by having heard “Circles” on Lotus,” she noted. “But I thought it was important for me and my three talented back-up singers to honor the spirit of this timeless genre by paying tribute to one of my greatest fans, John Jett. Besos, John!”

When asked whether the performance was also a tribute to “Work Bitch” chanteuse Britney Spears‘ own version of the song, the reception suddenly became muffled and, after what sounded like a series of violent screams away from the receiver, Legendtina responded quickly: “HA! No, I was not aware that she had recorded a cover. Was it for another children’s movie soundtrack, or?”

Early estimates now suggest that the performance resulted in an incredible 890% sales lift in the “Rock” section of iTunes alone.

According to LNN analysts, the songstress also achieved an impressive 2:1 lyric-to-“HA!” ratio during the Voice performance, besting her own record set during the 2012 American Music Awards. Said Legendtina of the newly broken record: “HA!

The Voice returns on September 23.

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