Earlier this year, Rod Thomas — otherwise known as Bright Light Bright Light — put the finishing touches on his brilliant debut Make Me Believe In Hope with the release of “Moves,” the last single from the campaign.

Now, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Today, Bright Light Bright Light announced the release of a brand new EP out at the end of November called In Your Care, a collection of new songs with a few trusty Make Me Believe collaborators, including the Andy Chatterley co-produced “Same Dream,” “In Your Care” with Jon Shave of The Invisible Men and “Movement In The Dark.”

“An Open Heart” is the first taste of the new EP, co-penned alongside the talented Ian Masterson, who is responsible for producing and remixing dozens of incredible tunes as both Trouser Enthusiasts and Thriller Jill alongside Terry Ronald — including, of course, cuts from Dannii Minogue‘s immaculate Neon Nights.

The bright track bounces along a hazy, nostalgic ’90’s electronic sheen, as Rod “looks at perception, and how easy it is to miss the beauty of a moment.” It’s an empowering moment that sees Rod sorting out the darkness and, well, turning on a bright light: “How could it be you’re still hiding in the dark? Let yourself feel and make yourself believe in all the love that comes to an open heart,” he coaxes above the thumping beat.

It’s like his very own take on Madonna‘s “Open Your Heart.”

‘In Your Care’ will be released on November 25. (iTunes)