Paris Hilton — heiress, Simple Life sweetheart and Savior of Pop — is steadily preparing to unveil her long, long, long delayed new single (and Cash Money Records debut), “Good Time,” on October 1.

Yet while there’s still just under a week until the song officially drops (no sleep ’til #GoodTime!), Queen Hilton just decided to gift us with a full 15-second teaser of the song (and video!) tonight on Instagram.

It is, quite truly, everything we could have hoped for.

As you can hear, the preview features the same lyric teased 2 years ago during Afrojack‘s set at the Sun City Music Festival (listen below) — but this time, the song’s in glorious high quality. “I might be a bit tipsy, but that’s okay ’cause you’re with me…” God, it’s good.

And on a related note, this happened (entirely by accident, mind you) earlier today:


LOL n2m, just hanging out w/ my BFF Paris. U?

That’s right: A casual encounter with Paris Hilton. You see, she was out and about doing #GoodTimePromo in midtown NYC. I was waiting for an elevator in the lobby of my office. The elevator doors opened. It was Paris Hilton. The universe just happened to bring the two of us together in that very moment. #Kismet. #Blessed. #TheSecret.


1.) She looked like heaven. The purse was on point, the hair was layed, the everything was everything. If the stars weren’t already blind because of her sheer wattage, they are now.

2.) She smelled like paradise. It might have been Heiress. Or Can Can. Or Tease. Or Siren. Or any of the other massively successful fragrances she’s been serving up over the past decade. Whatever it was, she smelled rill good.

3.) As she headed back out to the street, she turned around, smiled and said “Have a nice day!” So sweet. So kind. Going the extra mile! Do you get see what she’s done? She turned it on, turned it out — gave me something to write about (REFERENCE).

4.) I learned absolutely nothing about anything. As a Credible Music Journalist, my duty in this rare situation would and should have been to ask about “Good Time,” as well as her upcoming House-inspired follow-up record. And what did I do? I stammered the word “P-P-Paris…”, threw my sushi lunch on the floor and quickly acquired a photo. #Journalism

IN CONCLUSION: Nothing in this world will ever be the same.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the hospital under a medically induced coma for the next few days in order to pass the time until “Good Time” drops, considering the fact that I will be functionally useless until then.