Meet Pia Mia.

You might already recognize the name from the criminally underrated, sugarcoated 2011 smash “Bubblegum Boy” with Disney Shake It Up starlet, Bella Thorne.

She’s back — and this time, she’s busting out all on her own.

After going, like, totes viral with her acoustic cover of Drake‘s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” at a dinner table with Kanye West, Drake himself and all the Kardashians (including her BFF Kylie Jenner) sitting together in silence staring at her and smiling encouragingly (go ahead and marinate on that scenario for as long as you need), the singer-songwriter just stepped out with her debut solo track, called “Shotgun Love.”

First off, ignore the video. Really, don’t even bother. It’s sort of like a Baby’s First Photo Booth-meets-LA hipster nightmare. I don’t even know. That’s not the important part. Just listen.

Princess Pia is bringing us some sweet throwback early-to-mid ’00’s R&B-pop on her solo release. “I’m running away with my baby,” she coos on repeat above a tripping #urban-pop beat. “If they take you, they take me.” It’s a nice, breezy ride-or-die anthem — Bonnie & Clyde style. (She’s 16, FYI.)

Go on and add Pia’s name to the growing list of pop princesses to be reckoned with for the new generation — including Zendaya and Ariana Grande — and consider this an enticing taste of what’s to come.