Are Rihanna and Lady Gaga Doing It? (A Song, That Is)


Answer: If Twitter is to be taken seriously (AND IT ALWAYS SHOULD BE), it certainly seems that way.

After shooting the video for her latest Unapologetic single “What Now,” Illuminati G4L Bad Gal Navy Commander Rihanna has been spending her time Instagramming ’round Thailand for the past few days. (Do you think she’s ordered some #PhuckYourPho in #PhuckYourPhuket yet?)

But when she isn’t flaunting her Red Lipstick and #Phat booty in her drop dead gorgeous Insta shots, shading haters and loving on fans (Oh God, I love her so much), RiRi’s been singing a rather…familiar song on Twitter.

But wait: Isn’t that a line from Lady Gaga‘s upcoming Janet/Vanity 6-sounding ARTPOP track, “Sex Dreams” from the iTunes Festival?

Navy members and Little Monsters alike began to stammer, shake and cry in unison. And then, Mother Monster herself responded.

Shameless #ARTPOPPromo (don’t put it past her!) or a not-so-subtle confirmation that the two hooked up to spice up the already spicy number?

Well, there’s also this: Two weeks ago, RiRi said she recorded a “monster” hook for one of her favorite artists — and I’m assuming she’s not talking about Ciara‘s “Overdose.”

Are you ready for LaRi RiGa’s “Sex Dreams (Grab Yo Dick Rih-Mix)”? (Note: Not confirmed to be the actual title — but it should be.)

ARTPOP will be released on November 11. (iTunes)

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