Okay, so Zendaya is officially not playing around. (Well, she’s “replaying” quite a bit, actually — but not playing.)

The (newly) 17-year-old Disney songstress/birthday girl got us all grooving in the latter half of summer with her chilly electro-R&B debut “Replay,” along with a solid set of remixes and a slick accompanying video.

As with any buzzed-about pop act, there’s always a chance that the pop star in question only has one solid song in ’em. But judging by this latest clip — a 15-second Instavideo tease of her upcoming album track, “Bottle You Up” — we’ve got nothing to worry about with Queen Z.

Sounds hot, right? That’s some JoJo/Cassie/Danity Kane urban-pop freshness for 2013.

Check out the full tracklisting for Zendaya’s upcoming eponymous debut below, due out on September 17.

In the meantime, I’ll be perfecting this “lol sry, 2 busy txting rn” move.


1. Replay
2. Fireflies
3. Butterflies
4. Putcha Body Down
5. Heaven Lost An Angel
6. Cry For Love
7. Only When Ur Close
8. Bottle You Up
9. Scared
10. Love U Forever
11. My Baby

Zendaya will be released on September 17. (iTunes)