[dropcap size=small]R[/dropcap]ight now — at this very second, I’ll bet — Demi Lovato is readying the release of her surging Demi club thumper, “Neon Lights” — which also happens to be the inspiration behind the name of her upcoming tour with Fifth Harmony (the Artists Formerly Known As 1432 Formerly Known As LYLAS), Little Mix (on some dates) and Cher Lloyd (on some other dates), The Neon Lights Tour. (DO U SEE WHAT SHE DID THERE?)

But until she blazes the dance floor, the pop princess is returning to her roots (Disney!) with a chilly contribution to the soundtrack of the upcoming animated film, Frozen. The song is originally performed during the movie by Elsa the Snow Queen (voiced by Broadway star, Idina Menzel — watch here), but Demi’s got cover duties for the movie’s ending credits.

The Disney-fied power ballad sees Demi (turned Demetria the Ice Queen) bottling up her emotions, letting go of her past and wandering deep into the cold to escape from it all: “I’m standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen,” she belts. I mean, I get it Demi…but wouldn’t you prefer something more tropical? Aruba? I don’t know.

There’s some nice piano work and even a majestic choir toward the end but, as per usual with a Demi production, it’s all about her vocals. It’s no “Skyscraper,” but “Let It Go” still does the trick for the rising diva.

Get it, “Demi Lovoto.”

The ‘Frozen’ soundtrack will be released on November 25. (iTunes)