Say Lou Lou Make Major Label Debut With “Better In The Dark”


Say Lou Lou are here to stay.

For those who aren’t yet in the Say Lou Loop, they’re the (drop dead) beautiful 21-year-old Swedish-Australian sister act (otherwise known as Miranda and Elektra Kilbey) responsible for delivering some of the lushest tunes over the past year or so, including “Maybe You” and “Julian,” as well as their recent take on Tame Impala‘s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”

Now signed to Columbia Records, the girls are preparing to release their first major label single in December: “Better In The Dark.”

The song is yet another serving of sparkling, sweetly-sung dream pop from the girls as they find freedom when the sun sets: “It feels better in the dark / I feel closer to your heart, nothing can come between us,” they angelically coo on the thundering chorus. It’s got that delicious, late night drive dreaminess of M83 mixed with some Lana Del Rey nostalgia — and just a touch of Swedish-sounding electronica to boot.

And in this moment, I swear Say Lou Lou is infinite.

“Better In The Dark” will be released on December 16. (iTunes)

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