K-Pop Kweens 2NE1 are back for more.

After dropping their swoon-filled, twerk-friendly summertime jam “Falling In Love,” followed by their LMFAO-ish EDM anthem “Do You Love Me,” CL, Minzy, Dara, and Park Bom are back in time for the holiday season with something much more subdued.

“Missing You” takes the girl group’s sound down a few notches for an understated electro-ballad, supplying some lovely vocals atop subtle piano melodies, acoustic guitar-led choruses and weird, bubbling electronica noises. The song’s construction is very 2NE1, in that it’s sort of all over the place (a la “I Love You”), but this one allows the girls to croon more than their usual vocoded electro-pop offerings.

The accompanying video’s really pretty too, if not uneventful: It’s mostly a dramatic slow-mo affair, as the girls pose in their fashion-forward threads while feathers, flowers, strings and snow fall all around them. Seriously: I don’t know what the ladies paying for rent, but they really ought to call their landlord because there’s clearly a serious insulation problem. They all look absolutely gorgeous (duh), but CL remains the Baddest Female (REFERENCE), serving buck-naked balladry and remaining flawless while doing so.

“Missing You” might not be as thrilling as their latest cuts, but hey — a little earnest balladry never hurt nobody.

“Missing You” was released on November 20. (iTunes)