It might be because of the world’s messiest ongoing Britney Jean album leak, or it might be because I had a few margaritas at dinner tonight, but A Great Big World‘s video for “Say Something” with Christina “Legendtina Maria Goduilera” Aguilera just made me cry a lil’ bit.

We all know that “Say Something” — err, “SAY! Something” — genuinely slayed something when it first premiered, as it did live on The Voice (where it also brought the tears), as well as the iTunes Charts for a while. And now, “Say Something” slays something in music video form.

Armed with nothing else but a piano and an old bed frame by her side, the Lotus legend bares her soul and gives you pure Stripped-era vulnerability, conjuring the simple-yet-effective one-take video for “The Voice Within.” No over-the-top diva theatrics, no wigs — just raw emotion and a genuinely powerful performance.

Of course, the video’s not all about Christina (even though it mostly is) — there are some truly chill-inducing, heartbreaking scenes throughout the clip that truly bring the lyrics “say something, I’m giving up on you” to life.

And that is how you do it. Brava, Xtina (and fans).


“Say Something” was released on November 5. (iTunes)