Praise her eternal light: Lana Del Rey — or, as she was born, Lana Del Christ — has returned to us.

The Born To Die songstress has been teasing the release of her upcoming mini-film Tropico for months on end now, with no firm release date or specific details about the launch. Even after a cover story this month in Nylon, still nothing.

After a while, our hope began to fade. Things grew dark. The world was becoming cold and cruel, but then…she appeared to us once again — in the form of a single tweet tonight.

In just 12 short seconds, Lana comes down to our heavenly sides and delivers us from evil.

“Dear John, forgive us our sins,” Saint Del Rey whispers. Do you see what she did there? That’s John Wayne (as God, presumably), American icon of the silver screen. It fits in right along with her worship of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in “Body Electric,” one of the songs featured in the mini-film.

We still don’t have a release date, but at least there’s this. Salvation has never looked or sounded so sweet.