So, here’s a perfect storm of talent all on one track: Nile Rodgers, Sam Smith, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes have all done a song together — appropriately called “Together.”

The track, which was recorded in one day at Timber Street Studios in London, sounds exactly like what you’d expect a merger between Nile’s iconic disco strut and Disclosure’s futuristic dance floor sound to sound like, alternating between tripping synths and funky guitar licks.

Sam Smith’s soulful vocals lift the track even higher (just as with his Disclosure collaboration “Latch”), all leading to a brilliant mini-collabo. The only problem? The song lasts just under 2 and a half minutes, when it could (and should!) have easily stretched on for an 8-minute jam session. Hopefully, this is just the start of tunes to come from the powerhouse artist collective.

This one’s just further proof that everything is truly better together.