Following the release of PRISM last month, Katy “Katheryn Hudson” Perry is gearing up to release the second single (and her favorite song!) off the album, “Unconditionally.”

And judging by the newly premiered trailer, it’s going to have quite an incredible accompanying video.

Katy might have been monkeying around (LOL) for the “Roar” video, but this one looks pretty serious (and expensive). There’s a whole lot going on in a short amount of time — a glamorous royal Great Gatsby-esque gala of some sort, a burning bed, a bebe, a black car coated in flowers, some crying and even an owl imported directly from Hogwarts.

Just when you thought it was safe to let the light in, Katy’s about to give you something much more emotional. For those of you hoping for a more serious, darker turn on this new album (as I was), you’re in luck: This clip already smacks of tragedy.

PRISM was released on October 22. (iTunes)