Fifth Harmony

It seemed all but impossible, but anything could happen (anything could happen, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN): Fifth Harmony‘s debut album, Reflection, really exists — and it’s available to stream on iTunes Radio right now. 

Join Ally, Camila, Dinah, Lauren and Normani, the talented troupe of lil’ X Factor USA ladies formerly known as 1432 formerly known as LYLAS, on their very first album outing, featuring their Michelle Obama ode/empowerment anthem “Bo$$” and construction zone banger “Sledgehammer.”

The album also includes their Freak Harmony jam “Worth It” with Kid Ink, a song about (GENERATIONAL TRIGGER WARNING) Instagram filters, selfies and hashtags called “Them Girls Be Like,” a song called “This Is How We Roll” that plays like a reductive version of and Britney‘s “Scream & Shout,” a #SomethingMoreUrban homage called “Like Mariah” with Tyga that samples “Always Be My Baby” and a collaboration with Meghan Trainor called “Brave, Honest, Beautiful,” which name-drops Madonna, Shakira and Rihanna. It’s a lot to take in at once, I know.

Opinions to come next week.

‘Reflection’ will be released on February 3. (iTunes)