Today, December 2, is a blessed day: ‘Tis the day of birth of our Lordney and Savior:,Britney Jean Spears.

How will you be celebrating the day our ringleader first cracked that whip? What will you do to honor the sensual seductress and her snake-charming ways? Where will you be to worship at the altar of Our Lady of Mmm Papi?

Today is not only B-Girl’s B-Day, but the 5th anniversary of Circus, Britney’s sixth studio album. I remember the day vividly — considering I was sitting right in front of her while she performed live for Good Morning America. (Let’s revisit this embarrassing write-up from the event when I was but a mere bebe blogger!)

Circus is also one of Britney’s most underrated records — there’s plenty of goodness on that album (“Unusual You” alone, duh), so I’ve gone ahead and recruited a bunch of amazing pop nerds to do a retrospective over at Idolator. Check it out!