Hark! The Herald Angels Bad Ass Bitches Sing!

It’s been a long journey leading up to this moment, but we’re here: The return of Danity Kane.

After the reigning ladies of Danity Kane first kaught up together back in May (sans D. Woods), rumors swirled that the group was getting ready to jingle them keys once again. And then, our wishes came true: DK made their grand Danity Komeback reveal on the 2013 VMAs red carpet in August, announcing new music (“Rage”) and an upcoming showcase. And then — well, Chris Brown happened.

You see, the ladies were set to open for the not-at-all poorly behaved entertainer (WHAT COULD GO WRONG?) in New York City back in October, where the komeback would formally begin. But then, he assaulted a dude or whatever, so that got scrapped.

But all was not lost: Dawn, Aundrea, Aubrey and Shannon hustled hard and brought their show to the House Of Blues in Los Angeles last night. And it went down.

The troupe took to the stage and cycled through a ton of Danity Klassics — from “Ride For You” to “Sleep On It” to “Sucka For Love” to “Bad Girl” to “Showstopper” to, of course, “Damaged” — even a cover of Miss Miley‘s “Wrecking Ball.” And oh my God, it was all so on point. The choreography. The vocals. The presence. The complete and utter slayage of it all.

To make things even better, the troupe also premiered a new song: “All In A Day’s Work.” According to Aubrey, “it’s about bitches who make it look easy.” SLAY MAMA, YASSSSSS etc.

The track is bananas — it’s sort of like a blend between trap and ’70’s rock (!), full of nasty guitar licks and twerk-friendly hi-hats. Those moves! Hair flips! The hip thrusts! The harmonization! “I’m makin’ this shit look easy, easy, easy, easy!” they taunt. It sounds so good already.

Seriously, though: The ladies might not have Diddy’s Making The Band checks behind them this time around, but if they keep bringing the goods like this, they’re going to Danity Kill the game in 2014.