Say Lou Lou Releases “Better In The Dark” Video

Fun fact: Everything Say Lou Lou does is objectively perfect.

If that wasn’t already evident over the past few months — from “Maybe You” and “Julian,” to their stunning Tame Impala cover, to “Beloved,” which is easily one of the greatest songs of 2013 — it should be by now.

This week, the (drop dead) beautiful Swedish-Aussie sister act (Miranda & Elektra) dropped their Magnus Härdner-directed clip for lead single, “Better In The Dark.” It’s really more of a mood-setter than a linear narrative — and that mood is #SomethingMoreSpooky. Prepare for tears, mirrors, glitter, knives, plenty of dramatic twirling, a wine bath…and yes, even some blood tears. (In other words, just another Friday night over at my place.)

“Better In The Dark” is just a taste of what’s still to come from Say Lou Lou’s upcoming debut, which remains one of my most anticipated records of 2014.

Oh, and here’s the Tiger and Woods remix of “Better In The Dark,” which is included in the EP. The mix gives the brooding twosome a lil’ spacey disco pep in their step, which is certainly never a bad thing.

Slay Lou Lou, slay.

“Better In The Dark” was released on November 15. (iTunes)

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