In case you missed ’em the first time around with “Bridges” back in November (still so good!), here’s your second chance to get familiar with the rising New Zealand-bred brother-sister act. (Oh God, Caleb’s still so hot too.)

The burgeoning duo’s just returned to us in 2014 with a new tune, which premiered on Fader: “Never Gonna Change,” a second song off of their upcoming debut EP, due out on January 28.

As with “Bridges,” Broods teamed up with Lorde collaborator Joel Little for the gorgeously atmospheric tune, which sounds a bit like a cross between Imogen Heap, BANKS, The Weeknd and the rougher trip-hop pulse of something off of Björk‘s Homogenic. “I hate that I can’t say your name without feeling like I’m part of the blame,” Georgia sadly laments across the melancholy track.

For those in search of a dose of downtempo before bed, Broods is serving up the late night stuff just right.