What’s a Danity Kane?

Sure, the now defunct quintet quartet trio duo just dropped their posthumous record DK3 this week, which contains all the songs we’ve already heard performed live for a year and then some demo-y sounding discards that don’t even feature Aundrea (so seriously, why bother?), but Dawn Richard is staying on her grind as a solo star.

The GoldenHeart diva is now beginning the second chapter of her solo career with the video premiere of “Blow,” the first taste of her forthcoming record BlackHeart, due out on January 15. And it’s flaming hot.

Armed with fierce and aggressive pussy pat, booty slap and hip thrust-filled choreography, copious hair flips and an arsenal of left-lane couture — from the ninja drumline Catholic school girl (IDK) to the sure-to-piss-off-the-Tumblr Activists Native American appropriation lewk — Dawn’s seriously giving us the goods on her drum-heavy throbber.

“They think it’s over, but we are stronger/I know they want us to let it go, we about to blow,” she croons above the disjointed, futuristic beats. Tell ’em!

As with all things Dawn, “Blow” is a bit of a kitchen sink sonically and visually, but it works — and she certainly werks in the clip. (Seriously, there are some gasp-worthy moments.)

It’s a shame that DK3 couldn’t get their act together, but Dawn’s about to blow up all on her own.

‘BlackHeart’ will be released on January 15. (iTunes)