Eternal Girls Aloud member (I refuse to say “former,” I REFUSE IT), former X Factor UK funny face-maker and “Sexy Den A Mutha” chanteuse Cheryl Tweedy Cole has been caught red-handed stanning for Yoncé.

We as a society are all still very much over Beyoncé’s surprise visual album — and so is Cheryl. So much so, in fact, that she’s already learned all the moves.

In two new Instagrams posted up by her friend Alex Lazard, the UK darling is seen serving up the exact choreography for Bey’s feisty female empowerment anthem, “***Flawless” — crazy hands and all. We all know that Cheryl has plenty of passion as a dancer, so it’s no surprise that she immediately took to memorizing the steps…and she’s doing it damn well!

Let us now form a prayer circle and hope this was a brief intermission in between practicing a routine for a new video or something. (Oh, and that Queen Nuhdeen will upload a video pregnantly dancing to “Partition.” “DRAYUHVUR, ROLL UP THUH PAHRTISHUN, PLAYUHS…“)