Okay, so I know the Grammys are on right now or whatever — but this is way, way more important.

Born To Die Beauty and Ultraviolence Goddess Lana Del Rey‘s dark “Once Upon A Dream” cover for Maleficent has arrived tonight — and right now, it’s available for free via Google Play.

It is a glorious thing of beauty. Obviously.

As with her “Blue Velvet” cover, Lana’s delivery provides a perfectly chilling touch to the Disney classic. “You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream,” Lana purrs above the gorgeous orchestral production.

It’s icy. It’s mesmerizing. It’s the very essence of sonic perfection. (Hyperbole, you say? I don’t know her.)

Lana Del Rey, Queen of Soundtracks.


“Once Upon A Dream” was released on January 26. (iTunes)