As promised, Shakira and Rihanna‘s duet, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” (or “Keep Forgetting To Remember What It’s Called”), has arrived this morning.

How is it? Well, it’s good!

The heavily ska-infused pop-rock track (guitars!) was co-penned by a suite of talented songwriters, including “Hurtful” Swedish king Erik Hassle, John Hill, Kid Harpoon and Daniel Ledinsky. It’s a kicky, uptempo lil’ jaunt that sees the Caribbean queens taking turns lamenting the struggle to quit a bitch, each bringing their characteristic quivering chops to the table. (We’ll call it “island yodeling.”)

“I keep forgetting I should let you go/But when you look at me, the only memory is us kissing in the moonlight,” Shaki croons in between gigantic (“Ooh-oh-oh-oh!“) earworm yelps, bringing Bruno Mars‘ “Locked Out Of Heaven” to mind. And RiRi? Flaw-free as always. “What I’m trying to say is not to forget/You see only the good, selective memory,” she purrs. (Note: I really love the way Rihanna says “selective memory.”)

It’s mathematics, really: If everything Shakira does is great, and everything Rihanna does is great, then this song is therefore great.

Is it a revolutionary pop record? No, it’s a grower, not a “Whenever, Wherever.” But it’s also not pandering to anything, which is key. This is a very authentically “Shakira, Shakira” hot fiya track, and it still sounds fresher than the majority of what’s being peddled on the radio at the moment.

With more exposure and a fierce video supplied by Joseph Kahn, this one has the potential to seriously pop.

Also, I would not be mad if Ska Queen Gwen Stefani hopped on for a special guest remix at some point.

Me gusta, chicas!

“Can’t Remember To Forget You” was released on January 14. (iTunes)