Just one week after true lover of music Legendtina and Koons ball lover Lady Gaga bravely paved the way for iconic tag-team lady empowerment anthems in 2014 with their reworking of “Do What U Want,” another gigantic female duo is about to dominate the pop landscape.

In what initially looked like an accidental butt retweet this morning, Illuminati Princess and Navy Commander Rihanna rih-vealed in a rih-tweet that the much rih-umored duet between she and Shakira is, in fact, rih-eal:

That’s right: The ShakiRiRi duet is officially called “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” and it’s due out on January 13. Yes — one week from now! This is already destined to be a radio smash, and truly a major win for hip-twerking enthusiasts worldwide. Plus, Joseph Kahn did the music video — fingers crossed that we’re getting the director’s cut.

But what will it be about? The title suggests the stuff of break-up balladry — but then again, “Where Have You Been” sounded like it could have been a ballad, too. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Most importantly, it’s the most exciting pop news of the year. Are you ready for ShakiRiRi?


Shakira’s last single, “Addicted To You,” was released in 2012. (iTunes)