Zendaya‘s “Replay” is one of the best pop singles from last year. Easily. You know what I like to do with that song? Put it on replay. And then listen to it. About how often? All day. Where? Eh-eh-everywhere I go.

And considering the song’s slow-but-steady climb on the Billboard charts, there are a few more people listening lately too: The song just peaked at #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 this month (!), scoring Miss Zendaya her very first Top 40 hit. (Slay, Princess Z.)

Now, the reliably excellent remixer/producer Monsieur Adi has taken the track and given it a smooth, surging reworking of his own for the dance floor. Like the remixes featured on the official package of “Replay” remixes, this one ought to inspire some seriously fancy footwork. It’s great!

And if you haven’t yet, check out her self-titled debut. It’s the kind of fresh pop that we didn’t get nearly enough of last year.

Now then, back to practicing this move…


‘Zendaya’ was released on September 17. (iTunes)