I’m So Pretty!

Stefy is an electro-pop group from Orange County fronted by a girl named Stefy. They only semi-fell off the face of the Earth after riding the success of their hit single “Chelsea” last year. Nevertheless, they’ve just put out a video (thanks to PopJustice for bringing this to my attention) for one of my favorite songs off of The Orange Album, called “Pretty Little Nightmare.” For those who haven’t heard their work, their sound is something of a bucketful of Gwen Stefani’s post-New Doubt work, with ever-so-slight influences of something darker and New Wave, like Shiny Toy Guns.

The video is clearly high budget stuff, featuring state-of-the-art stop-motion photography and the always modern art of claymation.

Whole Lotta History

Whole Lotta History

Things we can ascertain from the upcoming “Can’t Speak French”

Give In To My Temptation

Give In To My Temptation

I can’t even look at these

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