While our anticipation for Lily Allen‘s long-awaited comeback this year runs dizzyingly high (like an “Air Balloon,” if you will), the cheeky UK diva’s just dropped a new track from her upcoming LP — which also doubles as a soundtrack inclusion on Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do. (Do you think Lily’s more of a Hannah, a Marnie or a Jessa? She’s definitely not a Shosh.)

“L8 CMMR” is a fizzy lil’ hip-pop banga. As with “Hard Out Here,” Lily indulges in dabbles of Auto-Tune, T-Pain style, atop the bouncy Greg Kurstin-produced synth-pop beat. “My man is a bad mothafucka,” she taunts on the braggy track, happily flaunting her ring on a love-drunk song perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. (Single? Too bad. THANKS A LOT, LIL.)

And it’s not all that serious, of course — there’s that signature Allen tongue-in-cheek sarcasm: “He’s going nowhere ’til this fat lady sings.” Nice one.

And as for the title, “L8 CMMR”? Well, it’s certainly better than the ERRLY CMMR she was dealing with on “Not Fair,” isn’t it?

Lily Allen’s third studio album will be released later this year. (iTunes)