“Stay Awake”: Swedish Newcomer Marlene Gets It Right Again

You may or may not remember Marlene, the Swedish songstress who made a splash with her stunning synth-pop debut single (alliteration overload!), “Bon Voyage.”

Well, she’s officially back for more.

“Stay Awake” is Marlene’s second single, released at the end of January. And, oof — the Swede-pop perfection don’t stop.

“I don’t want to close my eyes/Wake me up and watch me rise/You make me want to see it all/Let me stay awake forever,” Marlene begs across the song’s sleek synth-pop pulsations, colored by twinkling piano and the kind of deliciously moody, tripping R&B beats featured on her debut.

This one’s more of an intimate romp than her thunderous debut, but no less instant. With its genre-blurring production value and undeniably massive pop hooks, “Stay Awake” ain’t your typical by-the-numbers love song — but then again, it’s Swedish pop: Of course it’s some sort of left-of-center brilliance. Plus, the song’s available worldwide, which means the global takeover has begun. (And in case you’re wondering: Yes, she can deliver this song live too!)

An anthem for love-sick insomniacs everywhere? A no-brainer for me. Just promise to get a little bit of sleep tonight, won’t you Marlene?

“Stay Awake” was released worldwide on iTunes on January 24. (iTunes)

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