As the Ultraviolence era creeps closer still with each passing day, the details around Lana Del Rey‘s upcoming Born To Die follow-up remain sparse — apart from her accidental May 1 release date slip while signing photos for fans, as well as this confirmation that the record is being helmed (or at least partially helmed) by The Black Keys‘ guitarist and vocalist, Dan Auerbach.

But last night, a new thing happened: The Queen of Coney Island took a ***flawless selfie on Instagram — and tagged The Weeknd.

But…but why? What does it all mean? Could it…be? A collaboration?! Consider this for a moment: A duet between the brooding “Summertime Sadness” siren and the late night spook-hop R&B crooner. Did you shiver? I just shivered.

For those unfamiliar with The Weeknd, sit back and take in his latest cinematic masterpiece “Belong To The World.” Imagine Lana factoring into the equation somewhere. Then, begin to weep at the endless possibilities.

Saint Del Rey, guide us to salvation.

‘Born To Die’ was released on January 31. (iTunes)