Cheryl Cole’s Christmas Surprise: “Ghetto Baby” (Video Premiere)


She’s making a list, she’s calling your name twice…

‘Tis the eve of Christmas! And so, what better way to celebrate the merriest of holidays than to watch Cheryl Cole–sorry, Chezza Claus–smoldering and gyrating for fashion photographer Rankin‘s Hunger TV?

And not to just any song: Her own song! Specifically, it’s her Lana Del Rey-penned A Million Lights track, “Ghetto Baby.” SURPRISE!

We already knew that the Almighty Aloud temptress can fight for our love with just a single glance–this isn’t the first time Cheryl’s writhed around sexily for Rankin, after all. But this time around, she’s serving up some of her most ferocious street dance/krumping to boot. Passions of Girls Aloud flashbacks galore!

But nothing–no hip twerk, not a single hairflip–can truly compare to one move in particular, which will now officially be referred to as the Sexy Den A Crabwalk.

Cheryl Cole


The Baby Jesus could quite literally never.

In the meantime, I hope you’re having fun unwrapping lots of presents ’round the tree and sharing your ahyrlayuhst chrayhsmus maymuhrayuhs with your great, great aunt twice removed. I’ll see you under the mistletoe. Merry Chezzamas!

A Million Lights was released on June 15. (iTunes UK)

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