Madonna, Queen of Everything, is not one to take too much time away from the spotlight.

In just one month, she’s already mass-married a bunch of couples on live TV, twerked with Miley and vogued in front of her bathtub to promote her Japan-only skincare line (I’m already swimming over to Shibuya for a free sample). And now, she’s opening up a new Hard Candy Fitness gym in Toronto tonight. (Still no locations in the US, but hey, we’re getting closer still to skipping rope at outrageously high prices to the sound of MDNA — and you know damn well I will once it hits New York City.)

While making the rounds on the red carpet this evening in Toronto, M-Dolla was asked all the usual questions regarding fitness, dancing, getting fit, learning to dance, and dancing for the sake of fitness.

Mercifully, however, The Canadian Press was quick enough on their toes to ask about new tunes.

When asked if she enjoyed getting into the groove (overly obvious reference, sorry) to the sound of any Canadian artists, Madge was quick to respond: “Drake!” And would she ever collaborate with the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” Degrassi star-turned-rapper/crooner? “If he’ll have me.” Yasssss. Let the bitchy “she’s just trying to stay relevant” arguments from pressed queens begin!

But onto the juiciest bit: Is there indeed a new album on the way?

“Yes, plans are in the works already. Don’t ask me with who — it’s a secret. Top secret.” Boom.

Our baby’s got a secret — and this time, it’s not a #secretprojectrevolution.

Are you ready for what’s next?