As promised earlier in the week, humble diva and artful letter-goer Mariah Carey has delivered a sweet treat for her faithful Lambs this Valentine’s Day: “You’re Mine (Eternal),” the latest single off of Mimi’s long-awaited, much anticipated follow-up to Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

The gentle production, which was crafted alongside “Art Of Letting Go” collaborator Rodney Jerkins, sees our heroine suffering visions of love that are seriously bringing on the heartbreak above delicate flourishes of piano and slow-tripping electro-R&B: “You made me feel like love would never end/Tell me how I could ever forget? My baby, we were the best,” Mimi longingly coos. Obsessed much? (REFERENCE). Sadly, there aren’t any “Art Of Letting Go” vocabulary lessons on this track (no “exceedingly hurtful” or “reverberating in my ears” to be found here!), but it’s still smooth listening.

The good news for is that “You’re Mine” is classic Mimi, full of sweet, candlelight ‘n chocolate-coated crooning and velvety smooth production not entirely unlike “We Belong Together” or “Touch My Body.” And of course, there’s that chill-inducing extended whistle note at the very end as a delicious, diva-sized cherry on top.

The bad? Like the last single, Mariah takes her sweet time cooing her way through her big ballad, focusing less on the particularly memorable hooks that made songs like, say, “Honey” or “Heartbreaker,” #1 hits. It’s catchy enough after a while, sure, but this probably isn’t going to win Mimi any new fans. It’s Lamb territory only — although I could be (and would like to be!) wrong.

Nonetheless, it’s on heavy rotation — and will likely stay that way all through V-Day.

“You’re Mine (Eternal)” was released on February 12. (iTunes)