Well, the Queen is certainly busy these days.

When she’s not mass-marrying couples with Macklemore on live television, doing a do-si-do with Miley or preparing to introduce Pussy Riot to the stage at the Amnesty Benefit tomorrow night, Madonna also enjoys staging glamorous photo shoots in her bathroom by moonlight.

“She’s done for the day! Bath or Shower? #MDNASKIN,” Madonna Instagrammed moments ago, leaving us with a few options for interpretation, including:

1.) Madonna is preparing to launch an eco-friendly, kale-scented skincare line called #MDNASKIN.
2.) Madonna is submerging in a homemade ritual immersion bath, otherwise known as a mikveh, in her Upper East Side chateau for the purpose of purity following the Miley performance.
3.) Not to be outdone by Ciara, Madonna is rehearsing for a bathroom acoustic rendition of “Body Party.”
4.) Ray Of Light‘s “Skin” is finally becoming a single.
5.) Lourdes is being unruly and refusing to bathe again.

Intriguing, also, is the fact that the prior two photos that M-Dolla Instagrammed — artwork by Ray Caesar — are sort of similar in style and pose. Is this for an actual upcoming photo shoot? (Also, GORGEOUS.)

One thing’s for sure: You and I will never be able to afford that bathtub.

Life is a mystery, indeed.