Swedish legend, meet Swedish legend.

After an 18 year hiatus (!!!), singer-songwriter-rapper/“Buffalo Stance” crooner Neneh Cherry is returning with a brand new solo album in February, called Blank Project.

To kick off the album, which was produced by Four Tet, played by RocketNumberNine and recorded within five days according to the press release (casual), Neneh’s just debuted the lead single from the record: “Out Of The Black,” featuring none other than the fembot herself, Robyn. (You see, the Year of Girl Power Pop continues!)

The track — which has been mixed by Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard — struts along across a punchy live drum pulse and sparse stabs of fuzzy synth, as the two Swedish legends trade off on the mic for some stream of consciousness speak-singing about bad stuff, wolf packs and pretty much everything in between: “I’m Robyn on the microphone into the speaker/You know I’m not sick like that, but I’ve got a fever,” the Konichiwa Records killa slowly spits.

The two harmonize on the song’s shimmering chorus, which is as trippy as it is catchy: “Out of the black, out of the blue/I just you to want it too.” They sound great together, and it’s beyond exciting to hear new material from these two — especially at the same time.

What do Neneh and Robyn want you to want? Not entirely sure at this time, but they just want you to want it, too. Do you?

“Out Of The Black (feat. Robyn)” will be released on March 31. (iTunes)