Róisín Murphy‘s Overpowered, is one of the greatest, most forward-thinking disco-pop records of the past decade.

That’s just an objective fact.

For over seven years now, we’ve been (im)patiently awaiting The Return of Róisín while she’s been off having babies and living her life (SELFISH), gladly gobbling up her one-off collaborations and singles recorded since, including Hot Natured‘s “Alternate State,” Boris Dlugosch‘s “Look Around You” and her glorious 11-minute sexual sonic opus “Simulation.”

Still, there hasn’t been any concrete sign of a new Róisín album in the works — until now.

In a new interview with Irish radio presenter Rory Hall, Róisín talked about her musical influences, moving from Moloko to her solo career, and her upcoming work. And so, the tea was spilled:

“I have been incredibly productive as late. I’ve got a finished product, which is called Mi Senti, it’s an Italian language project where I’m singing Italian. That’ll come out in May. I’m working on an album  — a Róisín Murphy album, which is going really well. I’ve got a single coming out on Eskimo Records soon, called ‘Leviathan,’ which is a collaboration with Freeform Five. I’m doing another House music EP. So, yes. I’ve been lazy for a long time. I have two children. But it’s all starting to converge at one time.”

New Róisín studio album? VICTORY.

Mercifully, we’ve already got a taste of a few of the other things Róisín mentioned above, including her Freeform Five collabo, “Leviathan.” The 8-minute disco stomper (which was released on iTunes today!) is pure dance floor perfection, as Róisín mightily commands the speakers across dreamy disco pulsations: “Do it yourself, you know you might just get it right or blow it/Do it yourself and if you get it wrong, at least you know it,” she advises. DIY disco! It’s a must.

Plus, we’ve also got a taste of Mi Senti, with a track called “Pensiero Stupendo.” It’s #SomethingMoreItalian — and a little bit more downtempo too. But still delicious!

Let’s hope that this is just the beginning of a full-on Róisín aural assault for our ears this year.

Thanks to Conor Behan for the tip!