LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (Los Angeles, CA) — GRAMMY Award-winning chanteuse, caviar ratchet bilingual Latina songbird and TIME 100’s Most Influential Influencer Of Ever Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera reigns supreme in an already iconic promo spot for The Voice Season 8 that President Obama took to Twitter this afternoon to declare “OMFG slay me legend yas.”

The post-apocalyptic commercial — a head-to-head cage match between Legend X and the lessers of The Voice — celebrates the “F.U.S.S.” siren’s grand return to her red swivel chair following the birth of Future Heir To The Throne, Summer Rain.

In a brief interview with the LNN on set during the shoot, the “Get Mine, Get Yours” songstress opened up about the inspiration behind the shoot: “Yes, well, I wanted to draw from the ahead-of-its-time sonic landscape I created with Bionic and combine that with the raw, RAHW-DAHY attitude of Stripped,” she explained.

“The fans will get it,” she added with a wink.

When then asked about the amount of preparation she did before acting in the showdown between judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, her brow suddenly furrowed. “What do you mean ‘acting’? Blane and Aiden were late to the party. The 2 month-and-2-year anniversary party for Lotus!” she snarled before quickly storming off to her trailer.

Rule of thumb: Never be late to a Legendtina party.



The legend returns to the throne on Monday, February 23 at 8 PM.