Who dat? Who dat? That do that? Do that? It’s the I-G-G-Y: Miss Iggy Azalea, bitch.

As we already know, the fabulous Aussie-bred femcee teamed up with our favorite goth-pop darling Charli XCX this year, continuing the girl power theme of 2014 with a slick, brag-a-licious thumper called “Fancy.”

And yes, the rumors are true: The accompanying music video is an homage to Clueless.


Iggy goes full-on Cher Horowitz in the amazingly faithful Julien Christian Lutz-directed clip which gets the details just right, from the eye-poppin’ plaid yellow ’90’s fashions to the platinum blonde locks to the hysterical freeway scene — even down to shooting at the same school where Clueless was originally filmed.


Iggy’s visuals always serve up some sweet eye candy — and this one’s certainly no exception. Best, though, is simply watching Iggy and Charli booty pop together at a bitchin’ party.


Check it out, or else you’ll be a traitor to your generation.