Kiss Me Once Again: Appreciating The Bonus Tracks on Kylie Minogue’s New Album


Me and you, we’ve got some more loving to do.

As you should all well know by now (and if you don’t, you’re reading the wrong website), the enchanting Mizz Kylie Minogue has finally returned to our discos with her twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once. (Read the review, in case you missed it.)

Yet despite the fact that “Les Sex,” “Sexercise,” “Million Miles,” “If Only,” “Fine” and all the rest have kept me twirling my way through March, there are still two gems left off of the standard edition of the album that need to be addressed: “Mr. President” and “Sleeping With The Enemy” — both of which just happen to be entirely amazing in their own special ways.

Objectively speaking, “Mr. President” is the most insane song to come from the Kiss Me Once era: That jarring electro grind, that faux Marilyn Monroe breathless moan of “Oh, Mr. President!” — and that’s all within the first 10 seconds! Kylie truly lets her freak flag fly on the Tommy Trash-produced electro stomper, flipping a switch on her vocals and applying some ridiculous delivery. “Big man, he handle his business!” What is that, even? Is that a Rihanna impression? Maybe. Throw in something that sounds like an early ’90’s shuffling R&B beat breakdown and a twinkling bridge, and you’ve got a deliciously rough-edged, experimental track to shake up the otherwise glossy pop sheen of the standard edition album. “All your luh-luh-love is for me!

“Sleeping With The Enemy,” on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, comes dreamily pouring into the speakers as one of the album’s most lush moments, apart from “Feels So Good.” The Greg Kurstin-produced, Claude Kelly co-penned cinematic production feels as romantic as a Sade slow burner, but really, it’s the sound of Kylie going cold. “What is it she does that I don’t do?/Is she far more beautiful? Does she make you feel at home?” Kylie sadly ruminates above the lush soundscape. Side note: Who would ever dream of cheating on Kylie? More like “Sleeping With The Idiot,” seriously.

Without these two succulent servings (and “Sparks”!), the Kiss Me Once experience just wouldn’t be complete.

Now then, please buy the album and support Queen Kylie.


‘Kiss Me Once’ was released on March 18. (iTunes)

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