After sending us to go search for our dignity in the Hollywood Hills for nearly seven long years, “With Love” siren, ice-blonde beauty and Lizzie McGuire legend Hilary Duff has officially inked a record deal for her comeback.

The upcoming LP, which Hilary has already hinted in the past few months would be “EDM” in nature, but also might sound like a more current “Come Clean,” is easily one of the most anticipated albums of 2014 — that is, assuming it’s coming this year (please God).

Just this past week, the Metamorphosis diva gave us a little taste of an upcoming song on Instagram which, if my eyes are scanning those lyrics correctly, may be called “Northern Star.” (Finally, a friend for our beloved B‘s “Brightest Morning Star.”)

Hide your faves: It’s time to let an OG Disney Princess show ’em how a real pop princess plays with fire.