Make Your Move is an upcoming dance-romance movie in the vein of Step Up and Save The Last Romance that co-stars Dancing With The StarsDerek Hough and BoA, due out on April 18.

It’s also something that I still cannot believe is a real thing, and certainly my most anticipated film since Burlesque.

One would think that with the Queen of K-Pop playing the lead, the accompanying soundtrack would feature at least one song by BoA. Right? Well, everything you’ve ever thought to be true in this world is a lie.

The tracklist for the upcoming soundtrack, which will be released on April 7 by SM Entertainment (otherwise known as K-Pop Mecca), was just issued in a press release this evening…and it features nary a single appearance of the “Shine We Are” icon.

The official tracklisting is as follows:

1. “Light up This City” – Candy Coated Killahz
2. “Say Yes” – Jessica of Girls’ Generation, Krystal of f(x) and KRIS of EXO
3. “Let Me In” – Michael Corcoran
4. “You Found Me” – Shannon La Brie
5. “Love theme Static Invasion” – The Outfit (feat Tasha “Dash” Schumann)
6. “Drummers Beat (Bionik Remix)” – Herman Kelly
7. “Runnin on Empty” – TVXQ!
8. “The Road (Finer Things)” – NOLA Fam (Feat. Nicky Da B)
9. “Fall For You” – Stephen Gordon
10. “NU ABO” – f(x)
11. “Simple Simon” – On Fire Music (Rusko)
12. “Cheap Creeper” – Girls’ Generation
13. “Catching Shadows” – Felicia Barton
14. “Now We Know” – The Outfit
15. “Breathing Love” – Melodye Perry

Despite the fact that there is aural evidence of BoA herself singing Michael Corcoran‘s “Let Me In,” a rep confirms that she will not be featured on the actual soundtrack version. Oh, well.

That being said, it does feature K-Pop Kweens Girls’ Generation and f(x), as well as EXO and TVXQ. That’s good.

But still, no BoA? Not even a reheated serving of “Eat You Up”? I gladly would have taken that. This is obviously disgraceful, so here’s some BoA to make up for that. Now bring on the movie!