Light a vanilla candle and head into your bathroom: It’s a Very Madonna-themed Britmas, y’all.

While the Legendary Miss Britney Spears continues to soak up the sun in Hawaii on vacation toni-ight (REFERENCE), the world’s been #blessed with something a little more…MDNA.

As devout members of the Church of Godney will no doubt recall, the sensual seductress, enchanting mistress and heir to the throne brought the Queen Of Pop’s classic to life for a handful of dates on The Femme Fatale Tour back in 2011 before quickly retiring the giant gee-tar and ditching the cover altogether.

The Lordney giveth, and the Lordney taketh away.

Around that time, a Nick* remix of The Holy Spearit’s “Burning Up” cover blessed our ears, but we never actually got to hear the studio version of the track — until now.

In the midst of this Britney Jean drought, the original demo has been sent from above to quench our desi-yuh.

Riding in on top of some very cool ‘n funky ’80’s synthesizers and a thick dub wobble (wub-wub-wub), the Living Legend supplies her sweet Spearitual vocals and makes it into a personal term of endearment, moaning and groaning all over the place. She’s on FIY-UH! It’s so fire hot — a 20 out of 10, in fact (REFERENCE). Madonna and Britney are always a match made in Heaven (On Earth). Can this just be the next single, B-Girl?

As always, we remain deeply and profoundly unworthy of all of this.