Back in February, Irish disco darling Róisín Murphy casually let slip that she was preparing for a major comeback of sorts in 2014, including a new solo album, some one-off dance collaborations and an Italian language EP called Mi Senti.

That Italian EP is now heading our way.

On May 28, Róisín will release Mi Senti, a 6-track collection of five classic Italian pop hits from the ’60’s and 70’s, as well as an original track called “In Sintesi.” More than simply a foreign language EP, the songstress considers the project — which was was recorded between London and Ibiza with Sebastiano Properzi and Eddy Stevens — to be a “singing EP,” as it was an opportunity for the Overpowered diva to push her vocals to their limit.

From the press release:

Quite apart from the language, in some of the songs I was on the edge of what my voice can do. For the Mina ones in particular [‘Ancora Ancora Ancora’ and ‘Non Credere’] there were tears and I almost walked away and gave up.

The first track from the EP was released this week — a cover of Lucio Battisti‘s “Ancora Tu,” which you can now listen to above.

Whether you speak Italian or not, you’ll likely be able to appreciate this luscious disco gem — that is, if you’re a true lover of disco. It’s a smooth listening experience, as Róisín seductively emotes above a cool, gently thumping synth pulse and chilly background vocals.

From Róisín:

“In these songs, emotions are at the surface of things and that is what I found again and again when I was researching Italian music and that is what I feel from the language, when I speak it and even without understanding it, I feel close to love, close to the truth about human motivation.”

All proper disco goddesses have a tendency to churn out an Italian tune or two — like the time Grace Jones sang “Anema E Core” in a giant martini glass.

It’s quite romantic. I don’t speak Italian, but I can if you’d like…OW! Do you feel the love?

‘Mi Senti’ will be released on May 28. (iTunes)