In a world full of cutesy schoolgirl concepts and aegyo-filled choreography, Queen HyunA is a breath of sleazy, sex-starved air.

Barring a handful of exceptions, K-Pop exists within a fairly conservative bubble, rarely pushing the envelope in terms of sexuality. HyunA, however, flicks a middle finger to modesty by regularly popping that bubble (eh heh, get it – “Bubble Pop”?) with risque romps (“Red”) and violent melees (“365 Fresh”) – and she’s pushing her hips even further in our faces with “Lip & Hip,” her “thanx” single to fans a decade after her debut – and her smuttiest offering yet.

HyunA is off-the-charts horngry at this point, and she’s misplaced her fucks – and her panties – in the process of pursuing the D in the music video for her brash and bossy new come-hither anthem, which might as well be her very own “Dirrty” and/or “Not Myself Tonight.” (The enduring impact of Legend X.)

Prepare yourselves emotionally and physically for copious butt and cleavage shots (she even found a way to make her elbow pornographic), cheeky food symbolism, TV screen smooching, cigarette smoking (gasp!) and even some fry-eating on a toilet for good measure – HyunA’s on a mission to assure you that she’s no TWICE sweetheart.

Plus, she eats at ButtDonalds, which happens to be my favorite restaurant.

Naturally, some netizens had a complete meltdown upon watching, feverishly criticizing the former girl group member for doing “too much” and wishing she’d “tone it down” – despite the fact that only months ago, HyunA showed us her more mature and muted side with “Babe,” which was also good. (Basically, Kelly_Clarkson_-_You_Can_t_Win.mp3.) But, just like Madonna, don’t ever tell HyunA to stop.

No complaints here: I’ll take those lips and hips – and everything in between – any day.

And if you thought the music video was deliciously lewd and crude, watch HyunA bring her hyper-horniness to life as she licks, twerks and thrusts live on stage during her 2017 Melon Music Awards performance over the weekend.

It’s easily one of the best — and most polarizing — K-pop performances of the year.

Make sure to watch the whole way through, especially once she struts down that catwalk: the boobie bop is one of the year’s best moves.

Hyuna Boob GIF Lip and Hip

“Lip & Hip” was released on December 4. (Apple Music)