She’s late, sure, but X Factor UK alum Cher Lloyd‘s sophomore record is shaping up to be well worth the wait.

After the debut of her howling, almighty power ballad “Sirens,” a bratty ditty dedicated to bad boy lovin’ called “Dirty Love” and a slow-striding, I’m-only-human anthem called “Human” (not to be confused with the Christina Perri one), Cher’s onto the fourth promotional song from her forthcoming record: “Bind Your Love.”

Kicking off with a dreamy guitar riff and a tripping drum pulse, “Bind Your Love” is a swoon-filled love anthem in the vein of One Direction, full of oh-so-smitten lyricism, swirly synths and roughly seventeen intoxicating pop hooks packed into one pop package. “When you call me, I will always find you/When you need me, I’ll come for you,” Cher solemnly pledges. “I will your bind your love, bind your love to me.” (And no, no one will blame you if you start hearing The Craft in your head. “I bind you Nancy, from doing harm against yourself and harm against others…”)

A quick glimpse at the songwriting section of “Bind Your Love” makes the smash-ness of the song sort of self-explanatory: It was crafted by 1D hitmakers Carl Falk & Rami (thus the guitar-pop sound), Shellback (of Max Martin‘s production team) and Ina Wroldsen, which makes sense, because those major melodies wouldn’t sound out of place on Ina’s Ask Embla record, Northern Light.

This is certifiably solid pop, just like that.

“Bind Your Love” was released on April 25. (iTunes)