Hop out of the bed and go seize the day, ’cause the time is now! (Or, more importantly, because Queen Kylie Minogue says so.)

As we’ve established, our beloved Mighty Aphrodite’s Pharrell-assisted, crying-in-the-studio-now-I’m-dancing-at-the-disco jam “I Was Gonna Cancel” is the latest single off of her glittery 2014 collection, Kiss Me Once. And you know what that means: REMIXES!

And already, they’re amazing. Case in point? The Moto Blanco remix.

In case anyone was feeling iffy about “I Was Gonna Cancel” as a single, this mix really ought to inspire some confidence: The glittery reinterpretation completely hollows out Pharrell’s funky nu-disco sound and replaces it with four-to-the-floor House pulsations. Of course, Kylie sounds right at home with a solid dance floor thump to ride. Skip a beat and move with my body…

This ought to keep you spinning around this weekend.


‘Kiss Me Once’ was released on March 14. (iTunes)