[dropcap size=small]G[/dropcap]wen Stefani: No Doubt trailblazer, Harajuku Girl Enthusiast, Orange County Girl, Non-Hollaback Girl — and the next pop diva to make a comeback?

Sure looks that way.


Exhibit A: The live comeback.

Last weekend, the “Yummy” songstress joined longtime collaborator Pharrell onstage at Coachella for a glorious surprise performance of “Hollaback Girl” — the first time she’s performed a solo tune in well over five years.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 8.46.57 PM

Exhibit B: The social media takeover.

You might not be accustomed to checking Gwen Stefani’s social properties on the daily, but some avid members of the L.A.M.B.ily are. Did you catch it this week? Everything’s been given a fresh gloss, from Twitter to Facebook, featuring all new photos of Gwen sporting a bright pink bob.


Exhibit C: The Voice.

With Legendtina at home in her lair preparing for the birth of The Heir To The Throne in a few months, the producers of The Voice have been sent scurrying to find an equally iconic blonde bombshell to fill the seat of that red swivel chair. And according to TMZ this evening, they found her: It’s Gwen.

Everybody knows that taking a seat as a judge on The Voice means one thing: Promo. Kylie Minogue did it with Kiss Me Once. Shakira did it with Shakira. Legend X did it, of course, for #LotusPromo.

So Gwen…what you waiting for?