Legendtina Blesses Gwen Stefani With A Tweet

NEW YORK, NY (LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK) – Future mother of two, tireless LGBT Warrior, Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life surprise cameo starlet and 4-time Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards-nominated chanteuse Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera, tweeted a tweet to Gwen Stefani last night.

The tweet, which is being hailed as a symbol of unity, positivity and female empowerment among critics, was posted late last night. CNN broke their on-air news coverage of ongoing conflict in Ukraine to breathlessly describe the tweet as “a tweet,” while Time raved: “I honestly was not aware she was still on The Voice.

“Well, at first I thought they meant the one who does all the GOOP bullshit,” a very pregnant Legendtina revealed in an Excluusive phone interview with the LNN regarding the temporary replacement. “But I’m honored to have Stefani Germanotta as my seat-filler while I prepare for my return to The Voice next year. So, welcome!”

That is, assuming she even has time for another season next year: According to most true lovers of music, the pop world is in a state of disarray without the almighty presence of Legend X. Luckily, a return to music — following the birth of The Heir To The Throne — seems imminent.

When asked what the primary source of inspiration was for her upcoming follow-up to Lotus, Legendtina revealed: “Pregnan-SAY!

“I’m always creating,” she explained to us while moisturizing her belly. “Always recording. Always inspired. Always! Any true artist would be, you know. But there’s just something about being pregnant — I’m really tapping into a whole new level of artistry and spirituality with this new body of work. It’s that unbreakable flower growing in me — I feel totally connected with myself, with my music and with mi reflejo…that is, when I’m not having sex for breakfast. HA!

When asked whether she’d been keeping up with new releases like Ariana Grande‘s “Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)” in order to stay current, she paused to consider for a moment. “Who?” she asked. “I’m not familiar with Areola or Azealia Banks, but that sounds sort of like the time I discovered Nicole Minaj and put her on Bionic. Good for them! Sisterhood, that’s what I’m all about.”

The Heir To The Throne, as well as the long-awaited follow-up to Lotus, are due to be released later this year.


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