After assuring us all for nearly half a year that we were not the one (we’re still not, for the record), our beloved Sky Ferreira‘s bounced back with the second serving of Night Time, My Time deliciousness.

Set in the mean streets of Compton, the video for “I Blame Myself” quickly reveals Sky to be the bandaged boss bitch in charge, running the streets with her crew and serving model face on the passenger side of a hydraulic car in an ode to “early ’90’s gangster rap videos,” so sayeth director Grant Singer.


The unfuckwittable attitude alone would have probably been enough to carry the video— but no: There’s dancing too. WUT.

Dancing. That’s right: There is choreography in a Night Time, My Time-era Sky Ferreira video. I bet y’all didn’t see that one coming. (In fact, there’s probably more dancing in this video than there is in half of the music videos that mainstream pop stars are peddling these days. #Shade4Days) Yaaaaaaas, Sky!

But back to the narrative: The jig is up. What jig? Not sure exactly — but it is UP, and Sky’s been thrust into handcuffs and carted away to the police station. Not that she’s one to comply, of course: NOBODY ASKED HER (IF SHE WAS OKAY)!

The brooding diva suddenly busts loose while being interrogated, serving Sharon Stone Basic Instinct-meets-Fairuza Balk in The Craft realness while going absolutely mental, wrapping her legs around a cop and unbuttoning her blouse all sexily and such. S-K-Y!

Style, street cred and some dancing to boot. What kind of cinematic pop badass-ery?

The video just

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premiered on SSENSE, so you’ll have to go there to watch for now. (Don’t blame me.)


“I Blame Myself” will be sent to radio in July. (iTunes)