via @delreylane

As we can all agree, with Britney semi-out of commission as a part-time Vegas #WORKBXXCH for the next two years, there’s very little reason to be living at this very moment — except, of course, for Ultraviolence.

Lana Del Rey is clearly making a full-time career out of teasing our sorry souls with her forthcoming Born To Die follow-up, casually hinting at producers like The Weeknd and revealing lead single titles in semi-shady Twitter replies like it ain’t no thing.

Now, as we spend our days daydreaming and scheduling tattoo appointments to have the words “West Coast” inked across our lower backs, an Ultraviolence billboard suddenly appeared in Bushwick out of nowhere earlier this week.

That’s right: A massive advertisement for an album with no concrete release date. Can you even fathom that? It seems more and more likely that Lana will indeed be the mystery artist that’s about to Beyoncé an album on iTunes. (I’ve yet to make the pilgrimage to see it with my own eyes, but I’m planning to go to this weekend.)

Anyway, you just know she’s sitting out there somewhere on the California coast with Bradley Soileau, sipping some Diet Mountain Dew and laughing at all of us.

It’s coming, you little bitches. Stay strong.


‘Paradise’ was released in November of 2012. (iTunes)