When it comes to Queen Kylie Minogue, everything is beautiful (REFERENCE).

Earlier in the year, the Kiss Me Once diva announced that she would be releasing a new song called “Crystallize” as part of The Alliance For Cancer Research (APREC)’s ‘One Note Against Cancer’ campaign, in which fans buy individual notes of the song — 4408 of them, to be exact — for an official certificate and credit in the music video, which was just released today.

The song, which was co-written by Dev Hynes and Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters, shimmers brilliantly with that timeless, pulsating Kylie electro-essence a la “All The Lovers,” “I Believe In You” and “The One.” (AKA, The Very Best Of Kylie.)

Like much of Kiss Me Once, Kylie’s in an assuring state of mind — a perfect message for a charity single, no doubt: “When you don’t know if you should go or stay/You only have to turn my way,” our Mighty Aphrodite cheerfully coos, taking us into her loving embrace. (How does it feel in her arms, might I ask?) The bridge is especially uplifting, as Kylie shines on and on and on like a pure white diamond: “When you’re swimming through a sea of broken promises/You can find me shining like a laser beam/Feel the light!” It’s an absolutely gorgeous and heartwarming tune — it might even provoke a happy tear or two.

The accompanying video is a very accurate depiction of what happens whilst listening to Kylie Minogue alone, as a young girl goes from a silly hairbrush-in-the-mirror bedroom lip-sync sesh (including the inevitably awkward interruption from Mom!) to a full-on pop star in her mind, complete with Kylie popping in every now and then to look pretty and provide her almighty presence..and some stellar shoulderography to boot.

This is truly a fine addition to the Kylie catalog — and all for a great cause, no less. Feel her light!


“Crystallize” will be released on May 27. (iTunes)